Tank Services

Whether you are selling your home or looking to upgrade your oil tank, WRT can assist you with the entire process from beginning to end. We specialize in heating oil tank removals, oil tank installations, soil and ground water remediation, and environmental consulting.

WRT has a long history of successful tank removals and remediations.

We offer free on-site estimates to evaluate and assess the project so your proposal is customized for your home, not based on a house that's miles away. Based on our custom estimate, we will obtain the proper municipal permits and coordinate with your schedule to get the job completed in a timely manner.

Underground and Aboveground Heating Oil Tank Removal

Whether you want to remove your oil tank to convert your home to gas, sell your house, or install a new oil tank, Water Resource Technologies provides high quality services with minimal impact to your property. We will obtain all necessary township permits, schedule municipal inspections, and contact NJ One Call to obtain a utility markout prior to removing the underground tank and/or installing a new state- of-the-art aboveground tank.

The morning of the scheduled appointment, we will arrive and uncover the top of the underground storage tank. Any oil remaining in the tank will be transferred into the new oil tank or disposed with any water or sludge according to the NJDEP guidelines. A hole will then be cut into the top of the tank, allowing the inside to be thoroughly cleaned prior to the removal from the ground. Next, the tank and tank excavation will be inspected by the township official. If necessary or requested, a WRT representative will collect soil samples prior to placing clean fill material back into the excavation to determine the presence or absence of oil contamination. Decommissioned tanks will be removed from the property and properly disposed. If contamination exists, WRT will provide a detailed, written cost estimate for the remediation services required to satisfy NJDEP requirements.

Underground And Aboveground Heating Oil Tank Installation

WRT can install a new aboveground or underground oil tank to meet the heating requirements of your home. There are many options when it comes to installing a new tank, and we will sit down and discuss these options with you, for example, the type, size, and location of the tank. There are two main manufacturers for aboveground storage tanks: Roth and Granby. Roth offers a double wall tank with a 30 year warranty in a sleek, compact design. WRT is a Roth Safety Tank certified installer. Granby offers a steel tank or a Pro-tec 20 tank with a double wall polyurethane coating on the bottom and a 20 year warranty.

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