Septic System Repair and Installation

We are now offering septic installation services!

Modern septic systems are complex, requiring knowledgeable experienced technicians and installers. When you are faced with a repair, we can provide all of the equipment and expertise you will need to get you up and running again. We provide full septic system repair and installation by experienced technicians.

WRT is a certified installer of on-site wastewater systems. We employ technicians with over 30 years of experience in installing septic systems. Each septic system is designed by a Professional Engineer to fit the needs of your house. Some of the factors built into designing your septic system include the number of bedrooms in the house, type of soil surrounding the house, and the size and slope of the property. The four components of the septic system are the lead pipe from the house to the tank, the septic tank, the distribution box, and the leach field. From start to finish, we will provide a custom solution for your septic needs. All septic system installations comply with state and local regulations, and will last many years with proper care.

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